Sunday, May 4, 2014

Round the Neighboorhood: Season 2 Act 5

Nearly Forgotten Lose Ends 

The Raising Of the Plants Celebration winds down.  Papa Bullion and others begin clean up.

“I never heard what became of Stio.” Papa Bullion broached.

“Stio moved on.” Mr. K sadly reflected,  “There were issues about living here that … bothered him.” Mr K responded, “Why did Anna return home; if I may ask?”

“I seems I have to large of presence in society.  The family name kept intruding on her desire to be viewed as an … average person.“

“You can’t blame her can you.”

“No. Her mother and I knew that some of our children would have to face that issue.  Thank you for the memorial gift you sent.  They’ve been planted nicely.  I see Anna left her apology gift.”

Peter noted the bowed trowel “So noted.  I noticed you took a sample of the last tomato.”

“… and here I thought no-one noticed.  It’s being analyzed; no idea when the results will be in.  Might be useful in court.”

“Court …”

A sound was heard.  It was unclear as to where it came.  A momentary flash of light erupted from one of Mr Glen’s residence’s windows.  It hit the original raised bed.  Where Anna Bullion had stood; she vanished.

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