Monday, February 1, 2016

February 2016 First Edtion

PDF Companion Reference Files for this Edition

I moved these to the actual journal pages this year to try to get them to be noticed more.  These files change with each edition.  I use the Apple software "Keynote" to observe my garden.  For each day of change I add another image.  At the end of the season I have an simple animation of my garden's growing season.

Database Table A
  • Only has last years records.  Will be re-verifying previous information in the next day or two.  Other wise the database is ready for this years data.
Diagram Table A
  • Reflects the critter now in my garden (gray zone at the top right of the image).  Snow not fully diagrammed in this picture as I had to introduce the 'critter' problem.
Diagram Animation
  • if it is not working please let me know!
  • This is the current animation for thawing and growth pattern for my garden(s).  This file will be updated each edition.
  • This is a self running, non-sound file.
  • Current length 1m 45s.
  • Viewers will need to download QuickTime viewer (Free for Windows, and native for Apple).