Saturday, March 15, 2014

General Garden Basics: Garden Diagrams

This document is now superseded by blog post 2015 Survival Document and Diagram.  This document is 'floating document' among the 2015 documents.  The best chance of finding it is to look in the current month of 2015.

Round The Neigborhood - Season 2, Act 2

Messages …

March 2014 (Second Edition)

I welcome back everyone to the blog this year.

2014 Garden Basics: The Gardener's Wish List

This list was re-established on April 3rd due to it being deleted by the author by accident.
Author believes everything has been typset correctly - if you note possible errors let me know.

2014 Garden Basics: About The Hosta In This Garden

This collection is based on the theme of:
Chaos and Destruction
Here is the reasoning for each of the plants.
Later in the season I will add information about each of these hostas aesthetic value in this garden.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Round the Neighborhood - Season 2: Act 1

The goal for this creative writing is to provide a complete scene in 200 words or less; hence the brevity of each act.  The task is not an easy writing challenge since many times I start with over 400 words and need to selectively whittle my writing down to my own limit of 200 words.

Last years acts were embedded directly into each months blog edition; this year I have separated them to show the clear delineation between reality and fantasy.

Hints Of Celebration and New Planters

March 2014 (First Edition)

The growing season is about to begin!
I have been saving comments over the winter.
So this edition rambles a bit.