Tuesday, September 22, 2015

2015 General Information: Hosta Survival Table

Version L is now avilable.
The link is at the bottom. As always I suggest that you read this entire post before proceeding.  Comments are always welcomed on this page (and others) about this table and data.

Could I have your attention please.  ...

Over the last summer I've inadvertently deleted my Hosta Survival Table not once - but twice.  And one time was enough for me.  During the weekend of August 15th and 16th I reposted this information again; but I proceeded by doing this differently to insure that it does not get wiped out in the future.  There will be advantages and disadvantages to this new approach.

The Advantageous:
  • The information has been moved to a database.  This will mean less data handling by myself, thus sorting and layout will be handled in the background automatically.  Mind you this is not a live updating system.
  • I will be able to alter this document to MY wants rather than Google's Blogger expectations of what pages ought to look like.  if you want the layout altered leave me note or e-mail, and I would be willing to make changes (but not customization) of the list.
    • A quick note about the colors I choose;
      • Light Greens for Spike information.
      • Lavenders for Bloom Information.
      • Off Yellows for Scape Fading.
      • White for Year or Date that variety was added.
    • Personally monospaced type has it place still in the 2000's but it is harder to read.

The Disadvantages:
  • The list is in PDF format and then posted on a Apple Dropbox.  Documents can be read but not directly downloaded (I believe).
  • Each edition of the document will be uniquely named and easily identifiable for archive order.
    • HBK Survival Table A
    • HBK Survival Table B
    • etc.
  • I will not be able to make clarifications to the information on the list itself as I have done in the past. These will be made from within the blog entries.  If you know my blog organization finding those clarifications should not be difficult.  IF it is really important I might mark it with a *.
  • Starting with Version J I will be trying to embed the diagram at the top the Survival List.  I am personally not entirely convinced that the diagram notes are readable.  EACH version will have a different diagram attached to it.  Followers will have to inform me as to what they think about the arrangement of information.
    • I am exploring automating the diagram so that all I have to do is change a date on the database and the diagram changes with it.  This would, ... naturally ..., save time and eliminate omissions on the diagram.  You might have to wait for Version K for that to be implemented.

    As a side comment: Reconstituting this table from scratch takes enormous amount of time.  Right now I am consulting 3 different information resources, sometimes begrudgingly, but in the end happily.  What will be posted probably has some omissions that were in the previous one.  When the time comes if you see any omissions please let me know if you notice anything.

    If you have comments, or observations, about these tables feel free to comment or give suggestions to improve them.

    Here are the Survival Table Editions (it is presumed that each edition has growth changes):
    • General Information: 2015 Hosta Survival Table Version I
    • General Information: 2015 Hosta Survival Table Version J
      • Page sized changed to 11x17 (Tabloid Size) to accommodate the width of the document.
      • The most recent date or year that the variety was planted, or attempted.
        • Information NOT provided about replants or long-term attempts to grow the variety.
      • Diagrams inserted at top of documents (will change with each version).
      • Adjusted colors ... slightly.
    • General Information: 2015 Hosta Survival Table Version K
      • Colors still being adjusted
      • Column widths corrected 
      • Initial consideration for recording multiple years (not viable)
        • This would permit both 2014 Season records to be added and compared; as well as future data.
    • General Information: 2015 Hosta Survival Table Version L
      • Added following for the next generation of diagram:
        • Added Fields to track the following:
          • Hosta Freeze Out
          • Mid-season Hosta Died Off
          • Mid-season Damage
        • Early Prototype of design for next garden diagram Pibs (version 2).  Proposed actual size would be .9 x .9 inches :
          Pib Concept B: Labels would remain on Pib
          • Upper Left: Addresses the plants annual survival
            • Green = Survived Winter
            • Light Blue = Froze or Crown Rot killed plant.
            • Grey = Plant Damaged during current season.
            • Black = Plant died during Season.
          • Upper Center: Plant ID Number
          • Upper Right: New Variety,  Added To,  Replaced, or Remains the same [NARR]
            • Dark Green = Remains the same.
            • Light Green = Plant was surviving but was added to.
            • Yellow = Plant was replaced
            • Dark Yellow = New Variety added this season
          • Center Row: Scape Condition after Bloom cycle
            • Mustered Yellow = Scape(s) Dried
            • Dark Mustered Yellow = Scape(s) Cut
              • Scapes are cut only when plant is a Patented Plant.  First season blooms are left until 'first fade'.  Scapes after  that are cut BEFORE their bloom.
          • Bottom Row: Bloom Status
            • Lavender = Scape seen
            • Medium Lavender = Blooms open
            • Violet = Blooms totally Faded
            • NOTE:
              • The next bloom cycle is used when the previous is totally completed. 
              • Respective bloom and scape information are above and below one another.
        • Full integration of database to diagram is a long way off; although all the elements are in place.  While the database I use is cutting edge, the technology needed to achieve this type of data management seems to be a ways off.  I'll keep looking and seeking a solution for this.
      • General Information: 2015 Hosta Survival Table Version M

    The Hosta Man / Peter Kelley
    St. Paul, MN USA


    1. I had to use a spray and it has spoiled some of my hostas...never used it before and never will again..:-(...thankfully they're not dead, just hurt.

    2. What were you spraying for? What kind of damage are you dealing with?