Monday, February 15, 2016

February/March Extra: Gnome Dolls Might Have Been Found!

 The Hosta Revolution Needs Your Help - Again! 

Two years a back I begin a photographic cartoon about Gnomes and Hosta, and the problems each has.  The project slide to a halt when I could not find a manufacturer of Gnomes who would consent to letting me photograph them within a cartoon setting.  I even went through a change of name for the cartoon to the "Hosta Revolution".  I have silently kept hunting and this spring I may have found a doll maker who might be interested in producing a set of five gnome dolls for the cartoon project.

With the presumption this will happen ..., and probably exceptionally prematurely in planning, below is a list of 20 names I might use for our forthcoming gnomes.  You might note that all of these names reflect hosta I have at this time.  These 'gnome' names are intended to be unisex.  Add a comment below and let me know which five names you would prefer:

  • Bow      Rainbow's End
  • Chick    Dixie Chickadee
  • Dan      Dancing Queen
  • Dixie    Dixie Chickadee
  • Fire     Fire and Ice
  • Fronz    Tortifrons
  • Gorg     Gorgon
  • Hack     Hacksaw
  • Hol      Holy Mouse Ears
  • Ice      Fire and Ice
  • June     June
  • Kin      Kinbotan
  • Lemon    Lemon Lime
  • Lib      Liberty
  • Lime     Lemon Lime
  • Masq     Masquerade
  • Pim      Derived from Imp
  • Venu     'venusta'
  • Vul      Vulcan
  • Wu       Empress Wu

Keep in mind that the final names chosen may or may not reflect the character's temperament.  Unlike the hosta names which hint at their predisposition [Tortifrons being legally minded; Vulcan being logical; Empress Wu being a little controlling; Dancing Queen always needing space (to dance); etc.]; the gnome names chosen will reflect the characters more generally.

Deadline will be until the next publishing of the Hosta Revolution

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