Monday, December 19, 2016

A Quick Finish for the 2016 Year

Hello Out There ...
... Yes I'm Still 'In' Here

... and Yes I didn't do very well at blogging this last year.  The years over, and at least in the garden I've gotten my goals done.  I went from 28 Hosta down to 20 hosta.  I added three new ones along the way as I took others out.
  • First Blush
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • White Feather
The garden was defensed against the winter freeze, and I'm hoping that when spring comes all 20 hosta will return with a vengeance.   I last year I saw a number of full grown plants which is kind of exciting.

You might wonder where this Blog's Visitor Rate/Page Hits Stands.  The diagram below shows the four years of your visits in numbers.
... and yet another typo forces a re-edit.

Some time next spring ... I went to explore growing hosta in one of those plastic ice cream containers - from seed.  The Blue Mayhem Project shall/will return!

Until next season ... Have a warm Winter where ever you might be.  And Oh, yes, don't be shy about showing me, and everyone else, that your one of my 'followers' (upper left hand corner).  Hint: If I see that I have followers I will have greater encouragement to write even more!

Peter Kelley
St Paul, MN USA

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