2017 Garden DIagrams

The 2017 Garden Diagrams

In past years I've tried to diagram with ONE image.  It is my belief that you the reader may have been overwhelmed by this notation system.  This year I have separated the seasonal process into four diagrams.
  • Spiking Diagram.   This becomes the current garden diagram AFTER May 31.
  • Scape, Bloom, Flower, and Fade Diagram
  • Plant Changes Diagram.  This becomes the current garden diagram AFTER October 15.
  • Blue Meyham Diagram.  Shows the number of seedlings that are Surviving.
    • This may be expanded to its own diagram later in the season if they produce flowers.
In turn I hope you will have greater interest in this information.  Below is the starting diagrams for this season.
Hint: The answer can be found on another diagram from this site.

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