Saturday, December 28, 2013

December (Second Edition)

 I was not going to post a second edition for December but then I began to have a discussion on one of the Hosta Forums.  The discussion was important enough in my mind to post my response here FIRST rather than to the forum.  Please note this will be re-posted on the forum in question.

Forums vr. Blogs: Complementing Writing Styles.

It was suggested by a forum member that the only place that they were going to read my commentary was going to be on that forum.  They seem to further infer that I was to post all of my commentary of hosta growing at that forum. 

Rather than saying what I really wanted to say to them I responded by saying what I write below:

My blog (Hostas By Kelley) is my place to express my opinions of my gardening and the experiences of that gardening.  I use this space to try to share with others my passion for gardening so that I do not monopolize forum space with many of my comments which might be viewed, or interpreted, as irrelevant.

I use online forums to amend my knowledge and understanding of hosta growing.  In my mind the two forms of social communication are equally valid.  Forums are designed to be discussions of somewhat narrow topics.  These topics can spread to interconnecting issues which in turn may cause the original posters topic to look unfocused if one does not read with a critical mind.  In turn when a thread becomes to cumbersome a new thread needs to be created to siphon off subtopics that have become issues of their own.  Making that break in topic takes a little skill and good timing to do as to not to disrupt the original topic that was intend to be posted.

I view neither the forum in question or this blog to be the center of the gardening universe but rather two windows on to the hobby known as gardening.

Having said that I need to make the comment on the fact that I really do not whine about the lack of feedback I get at my blog; which at this point is zilch.  I am slowly coming to believe that blogs are for personal commentary; and forums are for questions and answers.  The online mentality seems to have reinforced that viewpoint.  YES I might be a +50 year old man who may have generational views on what communication ought to be in this age to electronics.   I feel that my view point is evenhanded, and respectful of others opinions.

As always feedback is always welcomed.

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