Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Round the Neighboorhood - Season 2: Act 3 (an extended act)

The Celebration Begins

“Shhhhh!”  Robert reproached the two hundred guests.

“The diagrams. Plant them exactly.”  Papa Bullion said.

Peter awoke to sounds.  *That’s not normal.*  From the second floor of the round house he looked out and noticed persons scurrying around.  *It’s the day of celebration.  Let them have fun.*  He bathed and dressed.  He came down and heard persons hiding.  He decided to let them suffer by having breakfast.  He fetched a shovel, and exited from the front door.

He came face to face with Papa Bullion who also had shovel.  “May your garden always … teach!”

“May yours bring … beauty!” Mr Kelley replied.

The two struck shovels. “Surprise!” sprung up around them!

“A community celebration awaits!” spoke Papa Bullion.

“My lead?  But it’s never been choreographed.” 

“But it has been watched.  Nico, says there is a pattern.”

“Ummm ok …” He went to the front of the raised beds and held his shovel in front of him.  The others did the same.  The tonal chorus began.

The scene and tonal chorus fades as the scene shifts through a mist to the world of plants.   Each plant has a ghost personna which can speak and move.

[Xanadu Empress Wu] “The call begins.  Blue Mammoth, you must grow or you will be replaced!"

[venusta] “Xanadu.  You were the last planted.  Your the replacement."

[Little Sunspot] "My vote is TRIFLECTA!"

[Dixie Chickadee] "He wanted Dixie Chick before.  He'll go back to that!"

[Lemon Lime] "I am content as it is.  He wanted Medusa before that too!"

[Itsy Bitsy Spider] "I just want to come up!"

[Little Devil] "The devil is in the doing."

[Dragon Tails] "What were we feed?"

[Popcorn] "I think I can. I think I can, …"

[Vulcan] "What doesn't come up won't be replaced."

[Frosted Mouse Ears] "Vulcan, STOP showing off.  You made everyone else look bad last year!"

[Holy Mouse Ears] "Frosted, we both did very well after we were feed the sheep shit."

[June] "To grow a little more this year, please."

[Gorgon] "Growing was fun, Growing was …"

[Dancing Queen] "Grow any more there won't be space to dance!"

[T-Rex]  GROW my leaves GROW, and take over the … garden!!

[Sum and Substance] “ ‘Venusta’ and Vulcan summed the substance of the problem up!  We must consider what happens if we ALL come up?"

[Blue Mammoth] "Chaos and Destruction; … of course!"

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