Friday, April 18, 2014

Round the Neighborhood: Season 2: Act 4

Loose Ends and New Ends

The Raising Of the Plants Celebration continues with music in the background.

“Nico, has Langdon been helping you understand journalism?”

“Yes, Papa.  He's helped me understand my errors.”

“Good, if you move fast you have a second chance.”  Papa Bullion turned to find Mr. Kelley  “Did you call the police?  Behind you.”  The two men watched as a squad car pulled up to Muir Glen’s residence,

“No.  Whatever it is about, this might get interesting.”

The whole of the attendees watched as Muir Glen was escorted from his home ranting loudly.  He was placed in the vehicle.  The two officers approached the gathering.  One gave a firm whistle,  “We apologies for this interruption.   The city of Paulapolton seeks the following households.”  They listed of each the residents of the circle.

The two men moved forward. “Peter Kelley here, What seems to be the matter.”

“You’ve done nothing wrong, Sir.  The City has asked me to hand to you a summons for Mr. Muir Glen’s court hearing.  An attorney might be advisable non-the-less.”

Mr. Bullion nodded in agreement, “Simple things can get messy sometimes.”

“Like … tomatoes falling from the sky?”, Peter broached.

Mr. Bullion reflected, “That sounds about right …”.

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