Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Fairy Ring of Hosta?

I have mentioned Fairy Rings ... 
But what might they look like?

Here's a Glimpse of What a Ring of Hosta Might Look Like!

I have mentioned Fairy Rings in the past few articles, but I bet some of you are still wondering what they might look like.  With a little photographic trickery I can show you! 

Below is the ORIGINAL photo of 'venusta' (and Masquerade) from June of 2015.  This hosta grows in the lower right hand corner of my garden.

'venusta' as it really grows in my garden.  The radius at this time was 10 inches / 25.4 centimeters.

Now if I take the same image and rotate it 3 additional times you get to see the likeness of what a fairy ring MIGHT look like for a hosta.
The black lines show where the Fairy Ring would be IF this hosta been grown away from the garden edge; thus producing a 20 inch/50.8 centimeter round.

If 'venusta' is permitted to grow naturally the circle will continue to grow outward to that legendary diameter of 3 feet/.91 meters ... maybe more!  Will the Fairies now come; and if so what kindness will they bring with them?
Updated: 4/19/16: The hosta are spiking, and even opening leaves right now.  I hope sometime this summer to have an updated image of this hosta to show what happens AFTER this stage of growth.  Hope you come back later to see that image.  As to what kindness the fairies brought see the more recent blog postings ...

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