Wednesday, June 24, 2015

June 2015 Extra: The Fantasy Garden

Every now and then I consider how much space I really would need to grow these hosta to full size.
Here is the 2015 Fantasy Garden to dream about.

A few of you have noticed that the Hosta I grow in many cases will never reach their full size.  In fact in about a year they will begin to have a (kidding) gorilla war as they begin to collide with each other with the limited space they have of 42 inches wide x 104 inches long (106.68 centimeters x 264.16 centimeters) of space.

Grow 'n Grow 'n Grow my pretties,
and take over the ... raised bed!

Now ... what might happen IF I had unlimited space to plant a similar garden; with the same plants?  The answer this year comes as a 18 ft x 18 ft (5.49 x 5.49 meter) garden.  The fantasy garden this year retains its symmetry while adding less than a dozen new plants to the arrangement.  Hope you enjoy my musing and dreaming!

Green = Existing varieties    Yellow = Added varieties
Since this is a fantasy garden the diagram has no numbers or plant references for the +30 hosta I have.  I can however assure you that all the plants I have are considered in the diagram.

As my own growing space is very small I have begun to wonder if I ought to begin the lengthy, and in some ways very difficult process of bringing my collection down to just 9 'special' hosta to let more grow to their full size,  Complete decisions about this will be considered in the 2016 season.

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