Sunday, May 1, 2016

May 2016 Second Edition

A New Layout,
A New Problem,
And a Last Visit to My Mom's Garden.

Opening Words 

This month HostasByKelley begins to explore Google's Post and Page system for blogging. Personally I have found this to be a fight to implement.  One moment I get one element worked out and the next something else fails to work.  I honestly hope all of this has been all been worked out for you. 

In theory this ought to help save you time finding what you want to read.  The organization for this is much the same as it has been in past journal entries with the exception that it is now broken down to smaller fragments to go through.  What I get out of this is that I get a much better feel as to what your looking at, and being interested in.  Are you reading my garden journal,  The incidental articles, secondary writing stuff, The Hosta Revolution Cartoon, are you more willing to respond to survey questions, etc.

and so with out further ado here is the redesigned HostaByKelley ...

Disclaimer: Google's Post and Page system seems to be a bit of an imperfect system; at least on the Modzilla/FireFox Broswer.  Pages can be linked to but not returned from.  Your browser's WINDOW TABS (generally found at the top of the viewing page) may have to be the way to navigate between Google's page system on a blog.  Links BACK to primary Post pages will be inserted, but the Author can not guarantee that they will be active or even work.
This Months Diagram
This shows the garden development by photographed graphic. What's up, or not up; scaping, blooming, fading, or even missing!  It is the companion for the journal entries that follow.
Hosta Survival
This is the day by day plant observations I have for the plants.  Did they grow, die, or are they playing games with me this month!
... and the Critter is ...
Since the fall of 2015 I realized that a critter has been effecting my garden.  This month I turn the ground over to see what's REALLY going on down there!  Might this be the cause of seven (7) years of NOT being able to grow either T-Rex or Fire and Ice or is it something more ... recent?
The Mouse Ear Collection

Closing Words

The Hosta Revolution 

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