Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June 2016 First Edition

The Scapes Have Begun to Come,
The Mice Hosta Are On Their Way,
and I Think the Last of the Hosta Have Spiked. 

Opening Words ...

Yes, even with the obstacles I'm continuing this format; maybe I can learn to do it faster on the second try.

This is a short edition with only one article about the Mouse Ear Collection.  The Survival Information is rather long this monthThis edition begins the sighting of the first scapes of the season.  That's always funI'll offer an update on the Mouse Ear Collection project Another installment of the Hosta Revolution is here too, among other things!  Give me a day or two for the Hosta Revolution to be posted.  I am behind in the production of that; this summers saga continues with panel number 2 of 6!

And just so your not too confused ... because of the archive method I am assigning all listings with a key number attached to them.  An example might be 2016.06.1.   This is interpreted as [Year].[Month].[Edition Number] and permits me to find the "Page" and then attach it correctly to its link point.  Also this indexing will help me under weave these pages for you ... as in you will be able to go from one 'common page' to the next (the series on the Mouse Ears Collecfion, or the Cartooning I am doing).  It is more work for me, but easier on you!

All photography by: Andrew Dunn
Blog content and Diagrams; Peter Kelley

Having link problems?  Tell Me! 

2016.06.1 Survival Information
In this edition the some last hosta finally spike, and some scapes are seen!
2016.06.1 The Mouse Ear Collection
The continuing the documentation of the assembly of this garden area.  More pictures to be added and they will come soon - promise!
2016.06.1 The Hosta Revolution (Part 2 of 6)

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