Saturday, March 15, 2014

Round The Neigborhood - Season 2, Act 2

Messages …

“Excuse me Sir. A package.”

“We’re not expecting packages. Simon.” Mr Bullion focus’ at his work.

Anna enters,  “Let me see.”  There’s a pause.  “Papa, you really ought to open this.  It’s from Mr. Kelley.”

“What could he send me?”  Papa Bullion stops his work.  He gestures for the box, and opens it coarsely.  “He mocks me with plants.  Aztec Treasure, Doubloons, Fort Knox, Lost Gold Mine, Treasure.”  The box and the contents are strewn across the study.

Anna and Simon gather the contents.  Anna re-examines them.  “No, Papa, I think you misunderstand the … message.”  She walked to his desk,  “The first five are all valued things you can’t have.”  She arranged them.  “There’s more.”

Papa spoke in a near whisper, “Anna, … Bella, … Carol, … Dax, … and Elrod.”  There was utter silence from him.  “I didn’t realize.”  He wiped tears.

“Mr. Kelley’s Hosta are not chosen by accident.  He plans them with GREAT care,  This gift to you is no different.”  She gently set the box on the desk and began to walk out.

“He’s adding garden space isn’t he?”

“I think so … not sure.”

“Then he deserves a Raising Of the Plants Celebration like he’s never had before!”

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