Saturday, March 1, 2014

Round the Neighborhood - Season 2: Act 1

The goal for this creative writing is to provide a complete scene in 200 words or less; hence the brevity of each act.  The task is not an easy writing challenge since many times I start with over 400 words and need to selectively whittle my writing down to my own limit of 200 words.

Last years acts were embedded directly into each months blog edition; this year I have separated them to show the clear delineation between reality and fantasy.

Hints Of Celebration and New Planters

“Yes Mr Widrow the raised beds must be installed by April 1st for the annual Raising Of the Plants Celebration.  The City permits are in hand.”

“I’m not sure if it can be done …” came the voice of the contractor.

“The challenge will be to get the beds staked and marked.  We found before that it took a day to produce the current raised bed; take that by 11 and you have yourself a 13 day project, with a crew of 7 … if you include the civil engineer.  I am asking for the same design.”

“Granted.  May I point out the conditions will be hovering round freezing as there will be the issue of cutting through the frozen ground and work men safety.”

“Like your equipment can’t handle hard work.  Yes I was anticipating a cost increase for this project because of that.”

“Two days to prepare, ten days to construct, and one day to back fill.  Anything after that you get to do!”

“… But your team can do it in 11 days if they have some spirit about gardening.”

“These men don’’t garden - their wives do I guess.”

“Then get the wives to be cheerleaders!  Agreed!”

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